Food Suggestions.

On this page you will find suggestions for snacks, favourite types of food or drink and seasonings/dressings from myself and other people suffering from Anosmia, Parosmia or related disorders. It may be something we enjoy nibbling on or use to add interest to our food, introducing, colour, texture or flavour that we can detect. The sensation of heat from chilies for example or cold from ice cream. Things that heighten our senses.

A lot of these suggestions come from my wonderful Facebook group Living Well With Anosmia. So don’t be shy to try, experiment and give things a go. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Hot Chilli and Sea Salt Grinding Mill

This is great when you want to add a bit of heat to your food. Also the saltiness is a really good combination as many of us can taste salt as one of the ‘True Tastes’.chili mill Just grind the amount you want onto your food. The heat wasn’t overpowering, just enough to experience the tingle that you get on your tongue from chilli.

I got this from Aldi, but I’m sure you could find similar versions elsewhere.




A food suggestion from – Billy Chaney Marie Summers:

Shred fresh apples into homemade coleslaw for an added sweetness.

Food suggestion from Susan Mraz: 
This sauce is perfect for those of us who can’t tolerate garlic or onion in their food, as there is non whatsoever in it. It’s  very hot with citrus, vinegar and hot pepper.



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