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Blank mind = Blank page!

Hello, long time no post….oh where to start. Well I’ve been doing more reading than writing lately because my brain has been on shut down mode for a while, (thanks to some new tablets rattling around in my system, but that’s another story), so I couldn’t come up with anything new.
I thought at the time this was very lazy and un productive of me, but as it happens its not been a bad thing because as I’ve been reading, I’ve also been learning so it still feels like I’ve achieved something!

For example I now have an Instagram account, which I never intended to do but after joining an Instagram group out of inst-erest….ha, ha good one there! I decided to have a go, and you know what, its quite enjoyable. I’m just playing with pictures and learning how to use the ever confusing hash tag at the moment but I may even get the hang of it enough to get serious and use it properly eventually.  In the meantime if you want to have a look please do here . For example this is a photograph I took of Wild Violets in The Lake District, not bad for a beginner!

Anyway, my Anosmia has been doing some weird things lately.  Well I suppose its more Parosmia, (unpleasant phantom smells), these days actually, and that does act extremely weird, as you’ll know if you’ve read any of my previous posts.
My smell has been mostly of the phantom ‘baking bread’ variety, and you are probably thinking ‘well that’s not so bad’, but try it constantly every second of every day and you may change your mind somewhat. Even more so when it is laced with a hint of sickly sweet from deodorant that has just been sprayed, or air freshener that’s been wafted around the room, oh and combined with the odd random addition of the phantom smell of paint stripper that likes to rear its ugly head on occasion.  Edge of insanity is a word that springs to mind when that little lot hits my nostrils I think, real or no real!

However there is a plus amongst my doom and gloom….yes I know sorry I’ll quit the moaning.  I can actually handle the odd thing with onion in, yay result! I discovered this thanks to a tub of shop bought potato salad, when having lunch at my mum and dad’s. I used to love potato salad and it was too tempting not to try it, and expecting the worst, I did just that. I was ready to do the usual trick of launching myself out of the chair and dashing to the sink to spit out said item, which I know sounds disgusting but when its a choice between that and being sick……well you get the picture. But instead, even though it didn’t taste like potato salad should, it wasn’t awful either, kind of vinegary, sweet and salty with a smooth texture, which for me is good. Suffice to say I ate rather a lot of potato salad that day!
I am now making a greater effort with the food I try to eat, instead of dismissing it because it has onion or garlic in it. Dare I hope this is a good sign, could something in this pesky nose of mine be healing correctly? If so I hope it hurry’s up as we are going on holiday soon, what a treat it would be to get some pleasure out of eating while I’m away.
Say a little prayer for me.


I’m a UK girl and have been writing for approximately two years. I also love to sing and did that as a profession for 15 years. However even though I still enjoy singing, now my real passion in life is writing. After suffering a head injury, which caused me to lose my sense of smell and taste, (Anosmia), writing became a way of venting my frustration and anger from this life changing condition. It became a way of escaping form the reality of it too. I started to love writing especially when I discovered how much satisfaction I got from it. This led me to the realisation that I wanted to become a writer. At the moment I enjoy writing short stories and have finished writing a children’s storybook of prose. I have an obsession with dragons, collect dragon paraphernalia, and am planning on having a dragon tattoo to cover up my old tatty faded one, when I feel brave enough that is. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my writing, please keep coming back for more.

3 thoughts on “Blank mind = Blank page!

  1. Hello Debbie and everyone reading this who suffers with anosmia. I want you all to know that my recovery from anosmia was a total surprise which happened from taking a completely unrelated medication. Don't give up hope. I have hope this might work for you. My story.

    Lost my sense of smell and taste using Zicam cold spray many years ago. Of course the company denies that this is possible although the FDA in 2009 LOUDLY told the public to stop using Zicam Cold Remedy (with zinc). The company quickly changed their formula.

    My 2 senses were gone almost completely for 8 or 9 years. I don't remember because I thought they were gone forever. I could smell coffee beans, cinnamon and I say Tequila but probably not and not really taste any of these. Everything else was like nothing. Natural gas, car exhaust, cut grass, rotten food or cookies baking in the oven were all undetectable. It was like being blind lacking both senses. Nose blind is no joke to those with anosmia.

    In 2010 I started taking something for sleep deprivation. I'd fallen asleep at the wheel 30 some years earlier and almost died in the accident. Didn't care to do that again. Within a day or 2 of taking the medication my smell and taste were back. There was no doubt that this medication had done this.

    The medication…, Ritalin. There are a couple of stories online of people using Ritalin for sleep deprivation and this is why I requested it. If you can get your doctor to write you a prescription, it's totally worth a try. The med is cheap and has a very safe history of use for most. What have you got to lose?

    I even had a National Health Institute doctor interested in 2010, head of clinical studies no less. He wanted to speak with the ENT surgeon at U.T. San Antonio that I'd gotten interested in doing a clinical study. He flaked out and never called the NHI doctor. Dumbass. I had to fire him.

    Just recently got the idea rejected from a doctor heading a newer group supposedly working on a solution to anosmia. She just figured it must have been a coincidence. NOT! After 8+ years of no smell or taste and it comes back at the same time I use a central nervous system stimulant? Duh! It doesn't take a Lassie to figure this one out. Sometimes professional can be so stupid. Too smart for their own good and yours.

    One more thing. My own doctor left to another state and no one else would prescribe Ritalin for me. I thought I'd go back to senseless again. It was very depressing. Somehow the meds got my system to reconnect some of my senses over the 2 years I got to use it. I have retained approximately 80 to 85% of my original sense of smell and taste. WAY better than none.

    Since the medical community won't help you, I'll just try to get the word out by myself. So, try it if you have hope. If it does work, awesome! If it doesn't, it can't hurt and it was worth a try. I hope you can find a doctor willing to work with you.

    Good luck.


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