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Anosmic Anniversary

Well here it is. One year ago today, I passed out, banged my head and came round with no sense of smell or taste. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I thought at first that I would get better, now I’m not so sure.

Things have changed though, for example:

Quite early on, I discovered that I couldn’t eat anything with onions, onion powder, or garlic in as it set off my parosmia, and discovering this has helped me to eat a bit better as I now know what to avoid.

I can now smell vanilla candles, not actual vanilla but sweet and pleasant.

I have put 3lbs on, said I’d let you know remember. My doctor was very pleased!

I have discovered that I really enjoy writing even though it’s a shame this is the way I had to find out.

(If you are into writing you can join my Facebook writing group using this link)

I don’t know how I’m feeling at the moment though, sad yes, but I was at work today and I suppose that helped focus my mind on other things. However now I’m sitting here writing this and my head is so confused.
I thought I’d be in a crumpled heap crying my eyes out by this point but I’m not. I do think I’m coping better, well I must be or I’d be doing the ‘crumpled heap’ thing by now! I also know I’ll be up and down emotionally, there will be a trigger that will set me off at some point, that is what happens now. It’s not the constant painful loss anymore, but it’s still there in the background.
I suppose this should be the year when I pick myself up and get back into living mode, instead of managing mode, because for me this is more my New Year than the official New Year. I’ve even changed my template for the occasion.

My sister, Mandy said to me don’t let your Anosmia define you and it has… this is the tricky part where I become officially me again. Deborah Ann Jinks, not Deborah Ann-osmic Jinks, yesss I did a funny!  That’s a good start. Speak to you all soon in real me mode, you can tell me off if I’m not.

Actually I’ve not quite finished after all. It is Anosmia Awareness Day on the 27th of February, so if you want to show your support please wear something red on that day. I certainly will be. You can also find out more about it on Facebook.
Thanks in advance for that one.



15 thoughts on “Anosmic Anniversary

  1. My grandma has had this for about 13 years now, a side effect from a brain injury she suffered in a nasty accident. I've seen the challenges it can put forth especially with cooking etc or when someone forgets and asks her to smell a perfume etc. You are very strong to live with this 🙂


  2. Debbie,
    I have decided that I will do exactly what I did before losing this sense. As eating food at parties, lunches and dinners at homes or in restaurants is such a big part of my life, I decided not to change that. It is such a social thing for me so I go, choose the foods that I think have some flavor for me (hot sauce, horseradish, some meats etc) and if I can taste it….GREAT….if not….oh well, maybe next time. But to give up going out with friends would really affect me. AND, I keep the hope that someday, it will return!


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