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Would you like stuffing with that?

Sorry possibly a bit of a double innuendo there I think. However, imagine the scenario. Its Christmas day, people walk into the kitchen, have a bit of a nosy about, then they say “mmm that smells great”, then they may well say, “is that stuffing you’re cooking, oh I love stuffing especially with sausage meat in” (oops maybe I should have edited that bit). Anyway I walk in “that looks nice” and that’s it, that looks nice. Nothing more to say really. Except for, “I need a drink now”!! Sorry mum, lemonade of course!
However, no more moaning or negativity, let me continue.

Some of the Anosmics/Parosmics I’ve been talking to on social media, yes there are a few of us out there somewhere! Have been discussing Christmas and how it affects us all in different ways. Some of them have children so take pleasure in watching their excitement when opening their presents, or sadly thinking, I will never be able to smell my daughter’s first bottle of perfume I buy her in Christmases’ to come, or, I am going to hide away and pretend Christmas doesn’t exist. Which I must admit I thought might be me at first. Slapped wrist, don’t say that Debbie!
Obviously it all comes down to the same thing retrospectively, can’t smell or taste the lovely things associated with Christmas, or can, but they smell and taste weird/disgusting, take your pick.
We have to focus on different things these days like being with loved ones, the cosiness and pleasure, the atmosphere, the Christmas lights and decorations, even watching daft films on TV! I know I said something similar in my last blog, but that’s what as Anosmics or Parosmics, we have to make priority now.

Oh yes and not forgetting the snow of course, which we had an absolute deluge of a few weeks ago and where is it now when we need it? Well disappeared of course never to be seen again, over Christmas anyway, typical!



So……the cards are written, nearly, the presents bought and wrapped, another nearly, and I have a works Christmas do coming up, involving a sit down dinner….oh oh! I’ll let you know about that one once it’s happened…….

The Christmas do has now happened, jumped ahead a bit there haven’t I?  Anyway it was actually quite fun, I’d love to say the food was gorgeous, it looked good, but didn’t taste so good. It didn’t help that the guy opposite me said he’d been in this restaurant last week and had what I was now trying to eat, and thought it was lovely, oh well he wasn’t to know.

Well I know I said I’d write another post before Christmas, but it might be getting a bit late in the day now.  So just in case I don’t check in until afterwards, and it wont be long after Christmas I can assure you as I’ll have lots to tell (oh, oh you thinks)!! Thank you so much for reading this blog and your support. Stay tuned in, and till next time.

Have a very Happy Christmas and great new year, who knows what it may bring!

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