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Get plugged in!

Hello again I thought I’d try being a bright spark, get it, bright spark, plugged in…..ok maybe not!! Remember me saying in my last post that I would do some research into nose plugs?
Well somebody I know on an Anosmic Community website I’m a member of,  said, why don’t you make one yourself……em I mentioned this to my husband, oh what the hell, why am I keeping this quiet, his name is Ruck. Cool eh!
Anyway I digress. He looked at me in astonishment and said ‘what, are you joking?’ So I kind of thought well I suppose it is a bit too much to ask, but you never know.
So…..I decided I’d carry on with my research.

Ok so nose plugs……we have nose plugs for swimmers, nose plugs for athletes, nose plugs for snorers, (Ruck could do with some of those!), and nose plugs for nosebleeds. Guess what no nose plugs for Parosmics, unbelievable, in fact when I put it in the search engine, it came up with nose plugs for insomniacs!

Anyway, as you can see that was no help at all, look at the skinny bugger above, (or starting to get that way anyway). In fact I’m even more skinny now ugh, I probably should have put this photograph in the ‘Skinny little me’ post but I couldn’t work out how to upload photographs at the time!
Oops I’m digressing again! So no joy there. Nagged at Ruck a second time, and once he saw where my research had led me, he actually said he’d look into making a nose plug after all.  He’s good with his hands, you know!!
Hmm so how?  What about clipping it on the side of your nose, so it looks like a nose ring then the plug part of it which is in your nostril, cant be seen.  It just makes you look like a rock chick or rock god depending on who wears it, and how rock an roll would an older person look with a fake nose ring?  What I’d be a good advert for the older person, thanks!
Do you guys have any ideas? Let me know if you do, but, be warned I might pinch them. See you next post.

P.S. If you find that you get this blog posted on your Social Media or privately 100 million times (ok a slight exaggeration), its not that I’m holding a gun to your head saying read this or else! It’s just because I’m still working out how to post this to everyone once only instead of pressing any old buttons.  I’ll get there just bear with me.


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