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Food glorious food!

Hello, if you’ve not read the first post, it might be better that you do that first or this post may not make senses!

And so with smell, comes taste.  As smell is directly linked to the taste receptors, (we won’t go into the science), in many cases, such as mine, if there’s no smell then there’s no taste, full stop! I’ve always loved food, as any member of my family would agree! So it’s not so great when anything I eat is tasteless. And then there’s my Parosmia, which I’ll get to later if you’re still reading this by then!

The fact that there is no cure, that all I’m told by doctors, consultants, professionals, is that it might come back in time or never, as the case may be, seems a bit hit and miss to me. Almost as if all of these people have run out of ideas or didn’t have any in the first place. “It’s not that common” I’m told, “there’s no money to do research, it isn’t life threatening”, and “there are more pressing/urgent illnesses that people are going through, so this can’t take priority”, I understand all of this, I really do, but to me it’s a big deal. Ok not life threatening, but life changing, heartbreaking, frightening, all of the ‘ings’ I can think of actually!!! Sometimes if I don’t make a bit of a joke out of it I’d probably start crying and never stop.
Oh dear here comes the feeling sorry for myself bit again, but if we can put a man on the moon, fly to Mars in an aeroplane, (good old Richard Branson), grow stem cells to make new body parts , which of course is a wonderful thing, or start inventing human robots, that look human and can think for themselves, (scary), then why the hell cant someone invent a cure for this? I bet any Anosmic would prefer it than having a robot do the housework, or better yet cooking tea for them!

Ok rant over, if you’re still with me at this point keep your eye out, or follow me for post number three. And any comments or feedback would be very interesting to hear, as long as it’s not too mean!!
See you in a bit.



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